JMW is for all people in the Netherlands with a Jewish background. Founded in 1946, our door is always open for advice, support and information. Or if you want to meet other people and explore your Jewish identity, you will be seen and heard. JMW offers a safe and secure home, where you can be Jewish and be yourself.

At Freyda, we welcome everyone with a Jewish background and their non-Jewish partner! It is the place for students, young adults, and the years after when you develop yourself to become an adult. We respond to the needs of younger generations by discussing issues of identity, Jewish upbringings, or the Jewish holidays. We are here to all your questions and offer the information and help that you have been searching for. Our goal is to show the positive sides of Judaism in lively and appealing ways. Next to that, it is our goal to make sure that everyone can experience and live it in their own way.

In addition to providing information, we also organize interesting activities, such as a storytelling evening, panel discussions, or workshops. Attending our activities does not mean that you must become a member! You can meet new people in an approachable way. Your participation is always without any obligation! We want to connect young Jews and provide a place where they can meet.

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On the Freyda website, you can read stories from our regular columnists on a variety of topics. Themes such as parenthood, religion and culture, and politics are all covered. Furthermore, our website provides a space for discussion, doubt, and pushing boundaries. We love to share our own knowledge and experience, but the insights, experiences, and candid stories of others are obviously welcome.

At Freyda, we are concerned with the following topics:

  • Jewish upbringings as an engaging blend of religion, culture, and tradition, celebrating holidays
    together, and or Jewish elements in school life.
  • Antisemitism and the role of bridge builders, promoting positive Judaism, developing resilience,
    and distinguishing criticism of Israel.
  • Celebrating holidays and their rich history, cherishing traditions and embracing the culture
    associated with them.
  • Mixed relationships, including integrating customs and traditions into daily life and the home,
    shaping marriage and ceremony, going on vacation and more.
  • Personal development and mental health, dealing with performance pressure and preventing
    burnout, promoting your own well-being and growth.
  • Being Jewish and belonging to the LGBTQ+ community, about creating an accessible
    environment where everyone is welcome and strengthening connections within the community.

Please note that our communication is in Dutch only, because of the small amount of non-native speakers in our current community. The same applies for our activities, unless indicated otherwise or specific announced in English. Would you like to join us to discuss the possibilities, please contact us! Or we recommend your our Hebrew community Catom.

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