JPRIDE- Shabbat potluck dinner


With the arrival of the new year, the shorter days 🌃, the prospect of chillier weather 🌨️, and the onset of cuffing season 💑, it’s high time to get cozy, make new friends, and reconnect with old ones. 🫂 That’s why you should absolutely attend our first JPride activity of 5784, a Shabbat potluck dinner on Friday evening, October 20 at 19:30. 🍛 We will be hosting the potluck in the beautiful neighborhood of Amsterdam-Oost. We ask that everyone bring a vegetarian dish to share. We will provide additional food and drinks, necessary supplies, and beaming smiles. 🍽️🍷😊

Please RSVP by sending an email to! Also, do you have any friends/lovers/crushes/acquaintances who aren’t in this group but would be interested in attending? Please let them know!

See you all soon!

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Freyda heeft vele mogelijkheden van vrijwilligerswerk

Bij ons draait alles om het samenbrengen van mensen, het creëren van waardevolle verbindingen en het versterken van het gemeenschapsgevoel.

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